Did you hear about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

Posted on November 24, 2017

With the beginning of the holiday shopping season upon us, it's important to make sure that "deal" you are clicking on is really what you think it is. We really wish we had the "411" on the best deals this season but we don't.  But we do have some insight on what to look out for as you begin your shopping, particularly online shopping. Unfortunately, not everyone has the holiday spirit (some people are just downright Grinchy) and we want to help prevent you from having a bah-humbug season. 

Believe it or not, spoofing website addresses are a source of holiday joy for the Grinches of the world.  They are counting on you to either mistype an address or to click on the first link you see in a Google search without really knowing where you are being directed.  Take a minute to see where you are surfing to before sharing any information (name, address, credit card info, etc.)

Source:  Domaintools.com

Consider the following to shop safely online:

  1.  Look closely at URLs and email senders for typos – example, check for extra added letters in the domain, such as Yahooo[.]com
  2. Look out for 'rn' disguised as an 'm', such as modem[.]com versus modern[.]com, and 1's disguised as l's, such as wal-mart[.]com versus wa1-mart[.]com
  3. Look for domains that have added affixes, such as starbucks[.]com-latte[.]us
  4. Instead of clicking on links in emails or social media, go directly to the company's website
  5. Realize that if something seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Source:  Domaintools.com

By watching where you are going or who that email is really from you can have a happy shopping season and an even better holiday and leave those Grinches with coal in their stocking.

Wishing you a Happy Shopping Season!!

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